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Boels Zanders’ M&A team has assisted Bert Bakker and Martijn van Helvert on the acquisition of Meines Holla & Partners BV. Founders of Meines Holla & Partners BV, Corina Holla and Rob Meines, acted as sellers. The transaction was realised on 19 September 2022. On behalf of Boels Zanders, Madelène Leurs, Daan Pollaert and Milou Segers were responsible for this transaction.

About Meines Holla & Partners

Meines Holla & Partners is a strategic communications consultancy with a particular focus on lobbying and public affairs. Both in the Netherlands and in Germany, they work for (international) clients in the private and public sectors from many countries.

About Bert Bakker and Martijn van Helvert

As a member of parliament for D66, Bert Bakker was spokesperson for over 12 years in many areas, including public finance, economy, defense, media affairs and public health. He also served as chair of the enquiry committee that investigated the deployment of Dutch soldiers in peacekeeping missions. He also chaired the Srebrenica Inquiry Committee.

As a member of parliament for CDA, Martijn van Helvert was spokesman for 6.5 years in many fields, including defense, foreign affairs and infrastructure & water management. Before that, he was a municipal councilor in Susteren in Limburg, a member of the Provincial Council of Limburg and, until recently, a temporary alderman in Roerdalen.