[vc_wp_text]Boels Zanders Attorneys offers its clients online access to information relevant to them. With the Boels Zanders Extranet, a page tailored to the individual needs of each client can be set up in a secure environment. Client documents and records are stored here, and personalised news can be displayed. The client can access their information anywhere, at any time. This extra service offers added value in both large and small cases.

The Extranet includes a Virtual Data Room (VDR). The virtual data room allows parties and advisors to conduct research from their own workplace, for instance. Processes are easy to monitor and it is easier to keep track of communication. Questions can also be answered in the data room. Boels Zanders recently added its own virtual data room to the Extranet platform as an extra online service for our clients.

If you have your own Extranet page, click here to log in.

If you are interested in the prospect of your own Extranet page, please contact your attorney for more information.[/vc_wp_text]