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Doing business in Germany: knowledge of business etiquette and culture

Germany is one of the Netherlands’ major trading partners and many companies based in the Netherlands do business across the border. Despite this strong bond, there are major differences in culture and business etiquette. These differences and often language barriers are frequently underestimated when doing business across borders. This can lead to a great lack of clarity in negotiations and sometimes even to unintended conflict situations. Many disputes between parties arise because they do not understand each other. Even small differences can have major consequences. In our view, good preparation and knowledge of business etiquette are therefore essential for establishing trade relations in Germany. Our German Practice advises and supervises entrepreneurs and companies in doing business in Germany, whether it concerns legal, linguistic or cultural issues, we are pleased to help.

Advising and litigating in the Netherlands and Germany

Our German Practice has a full-service multidisciplinary approach. This means we can apply the right knowledge and experience to every issue to help you and your business move forward. The services offered by the German Practice include:

  • cross-border (commercial) contracts and other commercial law matters;
  • cross-border liability issues, personal injury, litigation and debt collection cases, the European payment order procedure and cross-border (prejudgment) attachment and enforcement;
  • cross-border financing, collateral and insolvencies;
  • cross-border tenders, as well as tenancy law and real estate law issues;
  • cross-border mergers and acquisitions and other company law issues;
  • cross-border employment law.

In the case of cross-border matters, we will be able to advise you according to both Dutch and German law and if necessary represent your interests before both the Dutch and German courts. This means you always have a single point of contact and you are not forced to engage a separate law firm in the Netherlands and Germany. This is very convenient.

Sworn lawyer

Anne-Marie van Dijk is sworn in at the Bar Association (Rechtsanwaltkammer) Düsseldorf. Anne-Marie van Dijk was admitted to the bar in the Netherlands and sworn in as a lawyer (Rechtsanwältin)in Germany. Anne-Marie can advise Boels Zanders’ clients in cross-border cases according to both Dutch and German law and if necessary represent their interests before both the Dutch and German courts. Stephan Diel is a Dutch lawyer and hopes to be admitted soon as a German lawyer (Rechtsanwalt). The other lawyers in the German Practice group also speak German and Dutch and are familiar with the cultural and legal differences between both countries. Because of the central location of the Boels Zanders offices in the Rhine-Meuse-North Euroregion, the German language is not an obstacle for many other colleagues outside the German Practice team either.

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