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This year, the Magna Charta Training Institute nominated 24 lawyers for the prestigious title of Magna Charta Lawyer of the Year. The nominations were divided into three categories, namely construction law, tenancy law and administrative law. The winners were announced on 17 May. Magna Charta Lawyer of the Year Rental Law is our own Harm Heynen.

Harm, who has been with Boels Zanders since 2000, specializes in real estate law with an emphasis on tenancy law (both residential and business property). He also specializes in the purchase and sale of real estate, building leases and long leases. Thanks to his many years of advice and litigation experience, Harm has built up a great deal of knowledge of the housing corporation sector, the healthcare sector and the retail and hospitality sector. His clients include large housing corporations, beer breweries, nationally operating retailers, healthcare institutions and international investors.

Not alone, but a team effort
The title ‘Lawyer of the Year’ brings Harm positive energy, both for himself and for the entire Rent Law team. “You don’t get such a prestigious recognition on your own; you get it thanks to the team that is behind you,” says Heynen.

As the highlight of his legal career, besides the victory, Heynen mentions the recording of a number of training videos for clients in 2018. That is the moment it became clear that a full tenancy law team was established. Harm Heynen considers it a great success that Boels Zanders has built up a serious tenancy law team (6 lawyers) which team is making its mark in The Netherlands. For the future, he would like to see a further expansion in such a way that all team members can fully develop themselves.

Specialization in tenancy law
As a trainee lawyer, Harm has had a broad education and was given the opportunity to try many areas of law. Within Boels Zanders he was given plenty of space and the opportunity to work in different jurisdictions and thus to form a good vision of what he really liked to do. This soon turned out to be tenancy law: this was reinforced during his internal training. In the meantime, things have gone fast: a second highlight for Harm was his appointment as a partner in 2013.

“That’s a recognition that you have a practice in place and I’m proud of that,” says Harm Heynen.