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Food & agri

Food & Agri is a broad sector and encompasses the entire agricultural and food products chain. A sector at the forefront of innovation and therefore full of complex issues that have a major impact on your business and our society. It is important for you as an entrepreneur that you are aware of and adapt to all the specific legislation that the sector entails. In doing so, you have to take account of the social and political microscope under which this sector often lies.

The lawyers in our Food & Agri Team have a broad network within the sector and have unrivalled knowledge of the dynamic nature of the market in which they and you operate. All developments within the sector are closely monitored. In this way, we convert our expertise into clear and pragmatic advice, tailored to your needs, on such matters as general conditions, insurance and liability issues, government control and environmental permits, as well as product and quality requirements.

The Food & Agri Team lawyers have a very broad network and understand the dynamic nature of the market like no other. The team supports large and small businesses in both the primary and secondary sectors. We can therefore count producers, recognised producer organisations, the food processing sector and the processing industry, as well as distributors, suppliers and transport businesses among our clients.

What can we do for you?

Our team of lawyers can advise businesses within the Food & Agri chain on issues that arise. Issues that may arise are: What should I do if my customer does not pay? What steps should I take if my product does not meet the applicable quality requirements? How can I prevent a recall and how do I guard against it? And what should I do if the municipality refuses to grant a permit for the expansion of my agricultural business?

Our Food & Agri lawyers offer answers to these and many other questions. They have broad knowledge of the industry in which you operate and can provide you with appropriate advice. If you have any questions, please contact Ralph Geelen or one of our lawyers from the Food & Agri Team. You will find more information about our products and services on this page under the heading “More about food & agri”.

We are ready for you