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Family and inheritance law

Family law expertise

Family law is a comprehensive and dynamic area of law. It deals with everything that happens between the cradle and the grave in everyone’s personal life. Ancestry, parental authority, marital and non-marital relations, divorce, protection of minors, etc. We specialise in complex divorce cases, maintenance issues and matrimonial property law; these subjects can have a major impact on the relationships between partners, but also on the business or on the legal positions with regard to third parties, such as creditors. We advise on the latter regularly as well. We offer expertise relating to cross-border and pension matters.

Expertise in inheritance law

A death has many consequences. Many decisions have to be made in a difficult period. We specialise in inheritance law in the broadest sense, and take account of the emotions involved. In addition to assisting heirs, legatees, disinherited children, etc., we also regularly assist executors and/or liquidators in their tasks. We are also sometimes appointed by the court as executors or liquidators. Furthermore, in inheritance law situations, our lawyers stand up for the interests of other stakeholders, such as creditors and business partners of the testator. Where necessary, we engage with other specialists, internally or externally. In addition, we specialise in cross-border cases.

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