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With legal support from Boels Zanders, the sellers have sold the entire share capital. As of November 29, 2022, Sucafina SA is the new owner of Coffee Village B.V.

On behalf of Boels Zanders, Roald Subnel, Milou Seegers and Maurice Scheepers were advisors in this deal.

About TB Brown

TB Brown has been active in the coffee market for over 30 years. TB Brown is dedicated to developing solutions for blending, packaging and labeling coffee. The very best cup of instant coffee for its customers is the goal. Specializing in instant coffee produced to the exact requirements of the customer, TB Brown serves its primarily corporate customers in a global market. Quality, sustainability, innovation and above all passion for coffee is paramount at TB Brown

TB Brown is headquartered in Den Dungen, the Netherlands. The factory is located in Budapest, Hungary. With the efforts of its 55 employees, TB Brown serves customers in different market segments (sales, retail and industry) in 22 different countries.

About Sucafina

Sucafina is a now Swiss-based family business specializing in (sustainable) coffee, but was founded in Jaffa, Palestine, in 1905. As one of the largest coffee traders in the world, with more than 1,200 employees in 32 different countries, Sucafina plays an important role in the international coffee supply chain. To fulfill that role most valuefully, Sucafina has its entrepreneurial eyes set on the best price and quality.

For more information:

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