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A contract forms the foundation of your relationship with your customer or supplier. A sound contract keeps the relationship healthy because it ensures that all parties know where they stand. Boels Zanders has specialised knowledge of commercial contracts. While maintaining a pragmatic approach, our attorneys support their clients with concluding and performing national and international commercial contracts.

If the other party fails to perform and litigation becomes necessary, we will represent your interests with our winning mindset.

If you need an attorney who thinks proactively and understands your commercial interests, Boels Zanders is the right firm for you.

Terms and Conditions
Nowadays, many businesses have terms and conditions in place to limit the scope of their contracts. This is convenient, but what if they contain unreasonably burdensome provisions or are improperly incorporated into a contract? Boels Zanders can help you establish terms and conditions that you can rely on should disputes arise.

International business
Although business goes far beyond borders these days, legal regulations are often still country-specific. When doing business internationally, you may encounter a variety of laws and regulations which you likely did not even know existed, but which could influence your relationship with your contract partner. Our German Desk and Belgian Desk are standing by to assist you with matters specifically related to Germany and Belgium. Our International Desk can support you with international issues.

We also work closely with law firms in all important business centres through Advoc, a global network of law firms, guaranteeing that we can assist you anywhere in the world with up-to-date knowledge of local laws and regulations.


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