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The specialists in our Corporate Advisory Team conduct an advisory and litigation practice in the field of corporate law, corporate restructuring, corporate governance, and corporate housekeeping. We also advise and assist entrepreneurs in legal proceedings (corporate litigation).


The Corporate Advisory Team advises and litigates. We deal with the structuring and restructuring of enterprises, mergers and demergers, and company law regulations concerning enterprises. This means that we don’t only advise public and private limited companies, but also foundations, associations, cooperatives, and partnerships (professional partnerships, general partnerships (“VOFs”), and limited partnerships (“CVs”)). The Team also provides services to other stakeholders of a legal entity and/or company, such as the shareholders, the executive board, and/or the supervisory board. Our Corporate Advisory Team can also conduct the defence of a director who has been held liable. If necessary, the Team collaborates closely with other Boels Zanders teams.


The members of the Corporate Advisory Team each have their own area of expertise. Besides in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of company law, they also have experience and specialist knowledge in related fields, such as contract law, insolvency law, compliance, privacy, and/or sectoral legislation. The members of the Team enjoy the trust of our clients. They don’t only provide legal advice but also think along with them regarding strategy.


The Corporate Advisory Team is involved in editing Works Council Updates (www.or-updates.nl). The two-weekly Updates provide a clear overview of the latest rulings in the field of company law. The Team regularly publishes blogs and keeps close track of new legislation. Members also give lectures.

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