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A sector in motion
The Netherlands is among the frontrunners in the food and agriculture sector and a global leader in knowledge and innovation. This fast-developing, innovative sector is constantly in motion. It is subject to very specific laws and regulations and to close scrutiny by the public and the media due to its major impact on health and the environment, for example. The sector’s rapid growth has made it one of the most regulated sectors in the Netherlands. As an entrepreneur in the food and agriculture sector, you have to deal with all of these laws and regulations on a daily basis. That means you need an attorney who not only stays completely and continuously up to date on all relevant developments, but one who can translate them into clear and pragmatic legal advice. The attorneys in our Food & Agri group, all of whom meet these requirements and have extensive litigation experience, can handle and litigate all food and agriculture-related issues on your behalf.

What can we do for you?
Our Food & Agri attorneys are part of an extremely extensive network in this sector and they understand the dynamic character of the market like no one else. The group supports both large and small players in the market throughout the entire chain of the agriculture, horticulture, arable farming, sustainable energy, and food industries. Our food and agriculture clients include producer organisations, producers, suppliers, distributors, logistics companies, and the processing industry.

We know food and agriculture. Our clients include:

  • Veiling ZON
  • Mondelēz Nederland B.V.
  • Interfood B.V.
  • Grodan Groep (Rockwool)
  • Tuinbouwbedrijf Wijnen B.V.
  • ProfytoDSD
  • Van Dijck Groenteproducties B.V.
  • Bakeplus Holding B.V.

The specialists in our Food & Agri sector group can advise you on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Terms & Conditions
  • Acquisitions
  • Consortium agreements
  • Distribution
  • Leasehold and building rights
  • Exploitation and protection of intellectual property (patents, plant variety rights, and trademarks)
  • Real estate transactions
  • Allotment and re-allotment of land
  • IT and media contracts
  • Supply and production contracts
  • Common market organisation (CMO) law
  • Environmental aspects
  • Product, professional, and corporate liability
  • Production quotas
  • R&D agreements
  • Advertising law
  • Risk management
  • Permits
  • Transport and logistics
  • Insurance law
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