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Intellectual property, ICT law, privacy, and advertising
As an entrepreneur, it’s important to distinguish yourself to get ahead in the market and stimulate the development of your own organisation. Unfortunately, this does not translate into unlimited freedom to do whatever you like with your company name, branding, and product offerings, for example. Intellectual property rights include all rights to intellectual products, such as insignia, designs, inventions, software, text, music, and photographs. How can you avoid inadvertently infringing on someone else’s rights, and how can you protect your own products?

Among other things, Boels Zanders Attorneys can advise and litigate on:

  • Branding: trademarks, trade names, and domain names.
  • Design: design right, copyrights, shape marks, and slavish imitation.
  • Technology: patent law, breeders’ rights, telecommunications law, and database rights.
  • ICT law: drafting and assessing ICT contracts, disputes involving ICT projects.
  • Internet law: e-commerce.
  • Privacy: protection of personal data, portrait rights, cookie legislation.
  • Advertising law: merchandising, comparative advertising, promotional actions, and e-commerce.

We draft licensing agreements and contracts, and we can actively assist you with enforcing intellectual property rights. We can also help you if you’re facing a summons, seizure of evidence, or summary proceedings. Additionally, we counsel companies against which infringement proceedings have already been started, focusing on the possibilities. Our solution-oriented professionals will work proactively with you to reach a successful conclusion.

Protection of personal data, cookie legislation, and direct marketing
Everyone’s privacy is protected by law. These laws not only prohibit you from sending unsolicited mailings or newsletters, they also govern the establishment of personnel files. Our experts can assist you with any questions regarding the processing of personal data, whether these regard your role as an employer or relate to the processing of data from a customer database or online store, for example. We can help you comply with regulations on the use of cookies and direct marketing, and offer advice on issues such as data processing agreements and privacy statements. Because we work in specialised teams and product groups, we’re always ready to provide you with tailor-made solutions.

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