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Procurement law is complicated. When you are considering inviting or submitting tenders, you would be well-advised to seek expert advice beforehand. Boels Zanders has expertise in procurement, competition, and state aid, as well as extensive experience with the Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM).

We assist contracting parties with the tendering procedure and the tender documents to be published. We also assist tendering parties with bidding on contracts. We make sure that all of the requests are correct, and that the procedure as a whole complies with the Dutch Public Procurement Act. Our specialists focus primarily on the following areas:

  • Preparing and supervising procurement procedures
  • Legal counselling for tenders
  • Consulting on procurement obligations
  • Disputes regarding procurements

Following the provisional award of a contract, other tenderers may object through summary proceedings. We can be of service to three parties in these situations: the contracting authority receiving a summons, the objecting party, or the winning party who wishes to defend itself against the objection. With increasing frequency, we are also assisting organisations with requesting advice from the Procurement Experts Committee.

State aid
When government parties put contracts on the market, they must do so transparently, complying with the principle of equal opportunity, and under market conditions. Failing to do so will qualify the contract as state aid, which is only allowed under strict conditions. It’s particularly easy to go wrong here, either intentionally or unintentionally. To avoid financial problems or reputational harm, you should seek out timely legal advice when issuing or accepting a state aid contract. We assist governments and companies with aid measures such as subsidies, tax reductions and reductions of social security contributions, security deposits and suretyships, guarantees and warranties, emergency aid, selling/letting/developing real estate, and complying with the state aid ban.

Do you have questions? Please contact us to prevent problems down the road.

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