Zoning plan and (agricultural) land

When starting an (agricultural) business, many aspects play a role, such as what the so-called zoning plan allows on site. A zoning plan is a municipal plan that, for instance, stipulates:

  • What use may be made of a particular plot;
  • What use is forbidden;
  • What structures are permitted on the site;
  • How high structures may be;
  • Whether a permit is required to carry out work such as digging.

A zoning plan can therefore determine whether or not a livestock farm is allowed on the site. The zoning plan will also be able to regulate the permissibility of a company house. In addition, the use of land can involve many civil-law aspects relating, for example, to agricultural tenancy, ground lease, parcelling out or reallotment.

What can we do for you?

The Food & Agri Team can assess whether the zoning plan allows the business activities you wish to undertake. The team can also advise on the civil-law aspects of land use.